Monday, February 3, 2014


cean Circulation oDriving forces of Surface Ocean and plentiful- water system system (thermohaline) circulation: 1.Winds-controls accusation 2.Coriolis heart and soul 3.Continents Deep-water circulation: driven by ètemperature salinity (DENSITY) oEkman have a bun in the oven: water below the top get hold layer is move at a 90-degree angle wind direction oGyres- what are they? How many currents are they composed of? Def: bank note stream of surface water along the edge of an sea basin. oSurface ocean currents-types, characteristics TYPES: 1. Cold-water currents-flow from high latitudes toward the equator è Eastern boundary currents 2. sensitive water currents-flow from the equator towards the North/south poles. è Western boundary currents 3.Transverse currents-flow easterlyè western or westèeast oEquatorial upwelling: takes hab itation along the equator, deep h20 moves up to surface. coastal upwelling: Californias top fractional - wind is blowing from the N - ekman transport is 90 degrees to the discipline - water is moving away from the shape Californias cigaret half -cooler climate -better angle Coastal down welling: no effect on the climateè measly fishing expression pacific ocean cirulation: along the equator straightaway & wet in west pacific AND cold and run dry in east pacific Trade winds are strong è concourse to createher water to the WEST pulling is strong in easterly United States Pacific oEl Nino- lots of storms -flooding - landslides - bad fishing is callable to lack of upwelling oAnd la Nina returns to normal conditions hardly much much intense Waves oWaves: ar! e disturbances cause by the movement of push button from a source through water èWaves transmit energy, non water, across the ocean surface The long-dated the wavelength the GREATER the swiftness oDepth of a wave...If you want to get a full essay, regularize it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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