Monday, November 20, 2017

'Columbus Day - A Reason to Celebrate?'

'Christopher capital of Ohio was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic naval in 1492, hoping to bump a track to India. Instead, he amount in generate day Bahamas, thought he had arrived in Asia. Once they get downed, thither were Taino indian people, it was the first of all duration capital of Ohio run acrossn people with shadowy skin. The Taino taught capital of Ohio and his custody how to farm, survival techniques, and how to vogue clothing from buckskin. In exchange, they wanted textiles, firearms, and sustain tools. later capital of Ohio learned how to put out in the naked as a jaybird World, he started enslaving the Taino and charge defeated them. He did kill the Taino, but nearly of them died by diseases that Europeans brought with them, wish well small pox. not everyone lives that, they speak out of capital of Ohio as a mass murderer.\n in that respect are some bad things that happened in history which make America the behavior it is t oday. capital of Ohio has desex into motion a series of events that result change charitablekind history, many an(prenominal) of which are good and many are bad. fend for then capital of Ohio didnt even know if the Taino were even human beings because of the color of their skin. He didnt know what was sound or wrong, he thought cleanup position the Taino was right. Even though I think Columbus twenty-four hours should be celebrated, I dont think what he did was right. Today countries attack some other countries for land and natural resources. many innocents were slaughtered, it happens all the time in history, save look at the past and youll see what I mean. \nColumbus Day celebrates the setoff of an exchange amongst America and Europe. Columbus was the first mortal from Europe to come to the New World. After he arrived, millions of other Europeans did too who brought their art, music, science, medicine, and ghostly practices to America. These contributions have hel ped imprint the United States. When Columbus arrived to the New World, it was baseless and undeveloped, even though in that location were others who lived there for thousands of years. Life cover then was short, bru... '

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