Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Educational Research Essay

The enquiry study explores the model of technological developments to student motivation and positive learning outcomes. Educational institutions grant started to incorporate the practice of technology as an instructional tool to comfort teaching and learning. One of the most recent profits to instructional tools used for schoolroom instruction is the involution of industrious technology. These technologies include the use of SMS or pithy Message Service, e-mail, online forums and discussion boards.The purpose of the research is to probe deeper on the set up of these technologies to motivational learning, pressure in spite of appearance the learning environment, and the outcomes of performance. The result of the study turn up that the use of internet and quick communications lessens the pressure that students feel within the learning environment. Therefore, motivating the students to learn and feel comfortable during classroom instruction. Moreover, mobile communications opens up other alternatives for students to communicate with their teachers without any hesitations at all.Although the research acknowledged the benefits of employing mobile communication combined with internet tools, it still suggests that nurture studies be conducted on the topic. Critical Evaluation The research study is all the same again superstar of the many proofs on how technology is becoming an inherent part of education and is influential in producing positive learning outcomes. With the addition of mobile communication still it remains to be a motivational factor for students to learn and reflect that they actually have been learning by coming up with high grades during evaluation and assessment.This means that with the employment of mobile communications, students are able to produce desirable learning outcomes. Perhaps one of the things that make technology a motivational tool is because of its widespread use in almost every aspect of life. People, especially the y ounger generation, go steady technology as a trend. Incorporating the technologies that students are familiar of makes it a almighty instructional tool to arouse the interest of the learners.Learning is non limited to the confines of the educational institution because mobile communication allows learning to precede beyond the four walls of the classroom. Moreover, communication is best facilitated, especially with students who are not good oral communicators, through online communication. These observations allow educational institutions to consider the employment of mobile technology to their curriculum and their instructional tools, perhaps, also considering the emergence of globalization.

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