Sunday, January 20, 2019


Fevicol was launched in 1959 and has a long history as a brand used exclusively by carpenters. It later moved into the prevalent use category. The campaign, developed by Ogilvy &038 Mather, was initially aired across the awkward in teaser poster ads and prints. The advertisements are created in the old tralatitious Indian cinema poster style, with hand painted graphics and lustrous colors. The ad takes on the form of a mini movie with a father dressing up his daughter as a virile character for a skit.To complete the look, he glues on a mustache with a drop of Fevicol. Unfortunately for his daughter, it stays in place for good. The mustache is with her through good times and bad, until her very last breath. A youngster with a moustache is born the moment she passes away as a nod to the concept of reincarnation. Piyush Pandey, executive chairman and CD for South Asia at Ogilvy &038 Mather was initially tasked to develop a campaign for another brand nether the Pidilite umbrella, Fevitite. Fevitite is too small a brand for a big whim like this.Take the money all over again and pull it for Fevicol, and that was the beginning of everything. Ogilvy &038 Mather has turned a brand that does not immediately sum itself to creativity into an advertising legend over the past five decades. spiel for the brand has scooped 99 awards over the past twenty years. To be honest, we didnt have a clue about the brand aspect when we started out, tail end then. Piyush happened to us, and I would say 1988-1999 was when the big leap took place, said Madhukar B Parekh, managing music director of Pidilite Industries.

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