Sunday, April 21, 2019

Using Pop-Up Stores to Boost Sales for Online Fashion Shop Essay

victimization Pop-Up Stores to Boost Sales for Online Fashion Shop - Essay ExamplePop-up stores not only help in creating the awareness but in the long run it also helps in boosting gross revenue for the organisation. I realise this issue when I tried to convince my friend to purchase an item that was available online but was not available in the local market. His reaction gave me the problems or the perception of the consumer during online shopping. This lead to my research as to how finish we make people aware of the positive aspects of online shopping. This is when I came across a website discussing about pop-up-up up stores and how it helps in boosting the sales for online shopping.During the discussion in the report our focus will be to find out how does pop-up-up up stores help in making the most out of pop-up shops and offline shops or spaces in order to boost the sales and create brand awareness.Another aspect of the research will be to find out the mulct term and long ter m benefits of having an extra outlet or a physical showroom for the products and how it arouse help a brand in terms of increasing the sales.On doing thorough research everyplace the web I found several discussions that have been done about pop-up-up stores. However as the root is closely related to online shopping, I could not find much relevant data related to the feature issue. The discussions were mainly showcasing the popularity of pop-up stores and how it has been helping the retailers in boosting their profit margins. As the economy is stabilizing, there has been a decrease in the available to spaces to set up a showroom (Allen, 2013). This has gone on to encourage the rise of pop-up stores as they can be practically put up anywhere. The idea is to take the consumers by a outrage because they would never be expecting something at that particular place (Pegler, 2011). Another article discussed the benefits of coming up with pop-up stores. The starting time benefit discus sed was that it was beneficial for the landlord as pop-up stores opened

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