Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Business Research Individual Work 1 Week 12 Essay

contrast Research Individual Work 1 Week 12 - Essay ExampleThe SME Research and Statistics is an example of business narrative that tries to meet the courtly report data format standards. In the report, the author Andrea Prince incorporates some of the components of a conventional report. SME Research and Statistics contains an executive summary, an adit, Research methods (data source and definition), Summary, and Discussion, Appendix and fin all(prenominal)y References (Pierce, 2013). The research report lacks components such(prenominal) as Background Literature. Thus, the report fails to meet the standards of a conventional report format since the author never incorporated the entire components as outlined in the textbook.Despite the existence of some conventional standards of report formats, some reports do not strictly adhere to the format. For instance, the SME Research Profile was incoherent and presented differently in respective(a) forms (Pierce, 2013). First, the auth or merged various components in the report. A good example is the merger of Introduction component with that of the Background thereby forming one part. The merge mingles vital information in the introduction and downplay segments thereby forming the Introduction component. Similarly, Andrea merges the Summary and the Discussion segments thus making it rather difficult to distinguish various issues in a quicker and easier manner. The situation is uncommon in conventional report format whereby all of the components are separated and independently presented. Consequently, the section on Data source and Definition seems different from the conventional format of Research methods component (Pierce, 2013).Existence of conspicuous differences between the conventional research report format and the SME Research Profile have significant influences in the interpretation and understanding of the research report. First, the merging of various components of research into one

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