Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Who Are We? :: essays research papers

Thoughts of trouble turn to rubble. eyeball closed.Mind free.Confusion is embraced by our dreams. see closed.Mind free.When the mouth is silenced you can see much more.Eyes closed.Mind free.Life is non just a roll of the dice or a conscience decision.Eyes closed.Mind free.The spontaneous thoughts of the unconsence personality essence in ones unique world.Eyes closed.Mind free.Every thought begins with a idea think of an idea and many thoughts will follow.Eyes closed.Mind free.The thoughts that you hear are part of your personality, just only the ones that you listen to determine your view of truth. Even though we may not know it, reality is constantly changing. Reality is based on a balance of your unique experiences and your diagonal upon them.Eyes closed.Mind free.But where does the does the unconsense thoughts come from when there are no experiences? The true answer is one does not all of sudden wake up and start thinking like in one of baby look whos talking movies. There i s a beginning of thought, but it is so minute it is not consencely recorded. Thought is a process of building a skyscraper when a Lego block of lifes trail and error experience.Eyes closed.Mind free.The unconsense comes from your experiences. The idea of love sparks many thoughts, require a consense decision. There are a plethora of different girls but there is only supposed to be one right one. Your unconsence thoughts are plenty, you are limited by your conscience bias determined from experiences. Where from, you ask? Family. Believe it or not the type of family you have will greatly impact on who you can find attractive with each(prenominal) type of family there will be a different sort of experiences a person goes through. Family is where you first create your bias through trial and error. Your canonic personality comes from your family experiences. Think of it like we are all cars we get the basic package from our parents, then later we get upgrades. Eyes closed.Mind free.Do you call up the fear you had of becoming like your parents? Do you remember the epiphany when you realized are? Or are you still in denial? Im not saying you are going to turn out to be a clone of you r father, just that the basic part of you is. As you become sr. you become more complex your once red and green thoughts have been questioned turning to a shade of gray.

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