Sunday, August 11, 2019

Human Resource Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Human Resource Management - Case Study Example High attrition levels have emerged as one of the growing menaces in almost all organizations, which seem to be finding it hard to retain their own employees. It is difficult to find loyal employees and organizations must try and treasure those that they possess. The project seeks to identify the emerging HR problems in Sambian Partners, which is stricken by the problem of employee attritions. Unable to retain some of the crucial talents in the organization, the organization works hard to trace out the root of the problem in the organization. The surprising fact is that the company provides fair compensations, which are at par with industry standards, comfortable working conditions, recognizes employee works and contributions of employees and values them. Yet, it is deeply struck with the problem of losing its valued employees to a close competitor. The project seeks to identify the problems which are responsible for the same, and proposes suitable management strategies for controllin g the same too. Problems Identified The main problem identified is poor HR skills on the part of the HR department. Helen, being the CEO of the company, shows poor skills to manage the workforce. Though she seems to be a great architectural talent and has inherited the firm from her father, she does not display enough HR talent to be able to retain or even develop existing talents in the organization. The first instance when one of the reputed employees belonging to a senior level of the organization leaves the organization shows lack of motivational capability on part of the CEO and the human resource department of the organization at large. The conversation between Mary and Bob does not enlighten the organization on anything about the cause of frustration or dissatisfaction which drove his actions towards leaving the organization and joining its major rival organization. Despite being at a high position and blessed with appreciation and recognition of senior level employees in the organization, Bob’s decision to leave the company and move forth demonstrated very poor motivational characteristics of the management to keep him content with his present responsibilities and position. Bob is seen to have immense creative talent and his innovative skills employed at work fetch him good results. However, it is crucial for an organization for backing its critical and rare talents in the organization with the required support structure so as to ensure that he is able to deliver to the best of his ability. Bob finds a void when it comes to handling challenges at the workplace. This phenomenon can be compared to Maslow’s motivational hierarchy in which BOB has reached the second highest level in the hierarchy, i.e. self esteem, achievement, confidence and respect of others. He is seeking to get to the next level of self-actualization, but cannot find adequate opportunities to do so. In this case, it is seen that Bob does not have first class sales men, or marketing behind him to support his work. Thus his dream of attaining the level of self-actualization remains unfulfilled (Arredondo, 1996, p.139). One of the other crucial shortcomings displayed by the organization and the CEO, Helen, is to recognise the importance of employee loyalty

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