Thursday, August 8, 2019

Human Resources in action Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Resources in action - Essay Example One of the main processes in the recruitment process is the selection process. The Selection process refers to the exercise of matching an organization requirement with the right skills and qualification of the people. The paper will identify two of the sources that Four Season Hotel can use to recruit the right candidate for a front desk receptionist position and the step that can be used to ensure the best candidate is selected. There are two main method of recruitment available to Four Season Hotel; one, the hotel can advertise the position to the existing employees. Another method that the hotel can use is the external source, for example, posting on job portals. Both methods have advantages and drawbacks. First, advertising the Front desk receptionist position to the existing employees is cheaper and less time-consuming (Catano, Fitzgerald, Hackett, Wiesner, & Methot, 2009). Companies spend a lot of money on advertisement for new positions. The Hotel will drastically reduce this cost since the information can be easily circulated in the organization. The Hotel also has a unique culture and hence hiring an existing employee drastically reduces the in job training costs. Hiring the existing employees, ensure that the organization culture is maintained. It is of paramount importance for the employee to give personalized services to the guests and treat them with respect and dignity. And given the front desk receptionist will be welcoming and handling the guest most of the time, it is vital the receptionist to have good understanding of the company. Not only does internal advertising maintains organization culture but also builds a strong relationship among employees. It also motivates the employees. Internal hiring will ensure that the employees build a strong relationship with themselves and management. The hotel mission and vision statements will be well understood by the employees. Furthermore, the employees are motivated to work hard so that

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