Friday, September 27, 2019

Education as the Surest Way of Empowering an Individual Essay

Education as the Surest Way of Empowering an Individual - Essay Example This way, I will make the scholarship work both for me and for the rest of people in my community. My history is grim and hopeless. However, I have always loved studies. I have interacted with educated people in a number of scenarios and I have always loved their lives. My childhood role model was a district attorney who lived in my township. I promised myself while young to work hard in studies to become as successful as he was and indeed, I have and continues to work hard in my studies. The cost of high-quality education remained a forbidding factor in my quest for competitive education in leading institutions of higher learning. The scholarship offers me an opportunity to identify my interests and abilities. Furthermore, it provides me with an opportunity to work on the two in order to become a productive member of the society. As such, the scholarship is an opportunity for me to receive the education I have desired for as long as I can remember. The education I receive through the scholarship is going to help me, my family and my community in a number of ways. Among the ways the education is going to benefit me is by molding my personality into an ideal individual capable of communicating with people from various backgrounds and capable of upholding the ethical standards in any society. Education grooms people. It increases the mental capacities of an individual thereby making people more reasonable and capable of embracing peaceful ways of resolving conflicts and minimizing harm. I believe I will learn a number of humanist concepts that will enable my growth into an analytical adult capable of protecting the interests of the various publics I will interact with in future. The traits I describe above are those of a leader.

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