Saturday, October 5, 2019

Counting rationally to 15 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Counting rationally to 15 - Essay Example Blocks of wood can be labeled 1 - 15. Cups can then be placed on top of these blocks. The rule of the game would be, one cup on top of each block. To evaluate mastery on one to one correspondence, the teacher can post fifteen pictures on the board and indulge the students in yet another game. The teacher will then count the pictures on the board and the student that catches the teacher doing an erroneous counting gets an extra point. One such error by the teacher would be counting the same picture twice. Geary (1999) tells us that although children with MD understand one to one correspondence, they sometimes make mistakes on tasks that assess this concept. Children with mathematical disabilities(MD) almost always detect double counting when it is the last manipulative that is counted twice. When the first manipulative is double counted, the child has to wait until the counting is finished before he can decide whether the counting was erroneous or not. This suggests that children with MD have difficulty keeping information while counting. To solve this problem, have them use their fingers to count (Brown, Ferguson and Witzel, 2 007). This helps them associate counting with their fingers (one finger for '1', two fingers for '2' and they may use sticks as substitutes for numbers '11' through '15'). They can then keep track of the manipulatives as they count them. Stable order. The order of the word tags must be invariant across counted sets.

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