Monday, November 18, 2019

Consulting report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Consulting report - Assignment Example Using this equation a web portal can be created where the same loyal customers can enter details of their shopping and the same staff can pick it out for them and pack it up to save time. This will not only save time for both and affect inventory and logistics positively, but also increase sales. In a research (Park, 1998) it was concluded that hi-tech baby boomers and older/physically challenged people were more prone to shop online. Another research (Hiser, 1999) confirmed that consumers other than those having dual incomes were a viable market segment. On a general basis buying groceries online was not dependent on the number of people in the house or incomes or gender. On the other hand buying behavior is more likely to be linked to the penetration of Internet and its usability among the shoppers (Ward, 2000). In today’s age where there is an application for every website the company would be making more sales if people in the community are given the option of selecting their groceries on the go. Instead of traditional inventory management system, using the warehouse as the Master Organization and transferring all stocks from there on when stocks are out anywhere, RCE proposes to use a flexible and manageable system. Maintain a fixed stock at all stores for all or some inventories, while keeping all suppliers connected with the Master Organization. This helps put the customer in focus and also helps increase sales as projected to 1%. On an organizational level, if Bradford chooses to bring in revenue through a web portal, a managed inventory at all stores will speed up the process of picking and bagging the orders. For staff to be effective in managing the store of inventory on-site at each business unit(store), effective trainings can be given and management can be done with simple bar-code readers. Staff that has been stocking the locations and managing

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