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Music Censorship is Not Needed Essay - 762 Words

Music Censorship is Not Needed Marilyn Manson. Eminem. Limp Bizkit. Rammstein. All of these musical artists have been under fire in the past few years by government officials, the media, and activist groups. Supposedly, their music conveys too violent of a message. The sounds and words these artists have so carefully crafted have been targeted as the cause for violent acts, especially by young people. For example, Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold idolized German industrial bands such as Rammstein and KMFDM, as well as American shock rocker, Marilyn Manson. The public has been quick to blame these musicians for violence in the United States. People are calling for government regulations in the form of†¦show more content†¦The government has taken some appropriate steps in making the public aware of the content of music albums. Very few critics can deny that parental advisory labels are beneficial. Although adults and children frequently ignore them, at least they make consumers a ware of any potentially offensive content. Parents concerned about extremely violent or offensive music can outright refuse to buy the CD in question. Alternatively, parents can research and examine the content. However, stores such as WalMart and K-Mart have been known to ask artists to redesign their album covers or to release an edited version of an album, simply because the stores feel a CD is potentially offensive. This practice, however, goes a step too far. No store owner can please all customers. Either sell the CD with the appropriate warning, or choose not to stock it. Additionally, stores that are so worried about sales figures might consider the fact that such adult oriented material may attract a larger, slightly older consumer base, one which would be willing to spend more money on other products. One argument that is continually pulled into this debate is the First Amendment. According to the United States Constitution, everyone is entitled to the right to free speech, which is a sacred American belief. By submitting to censorship, artists are essentiallyShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Music On The Music Industry1555 Words   |  7 Pagescensoring music on the radio and CDs is not a right thing as censorship can hide a meaning of the song. There are a lot of different factors why many people want their songs to be the way that the songwriter writes them. But these people usually forget that there are many more factors why songs should be censored. On the other hand, people want songs to be Ã' ensored because uncensored music can highly affect young children, limit the exposure of people s morality and some people want music to be censoredRead MoreCensorship And Its Effect On Children1619 Words   |  7 Pagesthey see being done. Without censorship daily television shows are increasingly exhibiting more violence, foul language and sexuality to susceptible youth. Due to lack of censorship, explicit music lyrics and inappropriate images on music videos are being introduced to impressionable children. There is a lack of control on the internet leading to internet addiction and forces vulnerable adolescents to face cyber bullying. In a variety of mediums not enough censorship is used, which influences impressionableRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By F. Bradbury1131 Words   |  5 Pagesworld presented in Fahrenheit 451 we will be able to see the different themes and the factors that influence them. The four main factors that influence the story are the controlling government, terrible social conditions, advances technology and censorship. Although, some a play a bigger part than others, without all the them the book s final outcome could have changed in a drastic way. The government in Fahrenheit 451 ties into most of the drama throughout the book. In the book, the governmentRead MoreEssay on censorship846 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Censorship is the act of suppressing publications, movies, television programs, plays, letters, and so on that are considered to be obscene, blasphemous, or politically unacceptable† (MccGwire 4). Censorship should be enforced because it is needed into today’s society. Censorship needs to be used in media, hate speech, and obscene material. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;To begin with, the media has very negative effect on society as a whole. â€Å"The mass media—movies, television, and recordings—needRead MoreThe Need for Censorship in the Media Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesThe Need for Censorship in the Media Censorship is the cuts and remakes of media mainly movies. Censorship is usually when obscene scenes and actions have been removed from a piece of media. Censorship has been around for a long time, censorship is supposed to protect us from the things which happen in media for example movies which contain horror, sex or violence. Censorship is said by the government to help us because it cuts out scenes which may mentally affectRead MoreThe Effects Of Censorship On The World Essay1749 Words   |  7 PagesAround the turn of the century â€Å"many observers of German culture concluded that a new performing art was needed†(Jelavich 26) it needed meet a middle ground between â€Å" the mindlessness of popular variety shows and the incomprehensible esoterism of avant-garde†( Jelavich 26). This is when the form cabaret came to the rescue. Berlin had over fifty theatres in operation as the wartime censorship had been abandoned this new edgy artistic movement evolved. The German currency, the Mark, was significantlyRead More Music Censorship Essay3364 Words   |  14 Pagesfuss about? Censorship, Government officials, and raving mad protesters alike have been trying to stop the expressive creativity in everything from rap music to Mark Twain. Censorship in music is a topic that has brought about much controversy in the past two decades. There have been many different arguments on the topic, however the question still remains as if it should be censored or it should not be censored. In Paul Blanshard’s book The Right To Read: The Battle Against Censorship, he speaksRead MoreSelf Efficacy And Self Control Essay1700 Words   |  7 PagesAnderson and Overy (2010) Craig Locus of control of behavior Scale found decrease in self-efficacy in both experiment groups and the control group. Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale found 8.74% increase in self-confidence for music groups, but not with art groups. None Strengths: included music and art experiment groups, included control group, multiple measures and assessments Limitations: Small sample size, discrepancies in testing measures, interventions not completed within 8 week time allocation, notRead MoreEssay on Censoring the Pages of Knowledge1688 Words   |  7 Pagesnovel Fahrenheit 451 is the idea of censorship. In Bradburys fictional world, owning books is illegal. A firemans job is not putting out fires like one may assume. In Fahrenheit 451, a fireman has the job of starting fires. Firefighters start fires in homes containing books. If this were reality, there would be no homes to live in. Books have become an integral part of American life. However, the theme of censorship is still relevant in American life. Censorship is enforced in an interesting wayRead MoreEssay on Rage Against the Machine1523 Words   |  7 Pagesactually protest against the censorship of music and the Parents Music Resource Center, founded by Tipper Gore (Buchi, incidents par. 3-4). The music of Rage Against the Machine contains the political and social views of the band members. They are very avid about defending constitutional rights of the individual and large groups of deprived people. The members of Rage Against the Machine each bring diversity and strong political views into the music they produce. Each member is

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