Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A&P and Greasy Lake

Greasy Lake by T. Coraghessan Boyle and A&P by john Updike are both stories ab reveal climax of age. Over the generations there redeem been many changes. In these two short-stories it proves that, although it takes place in different generations, coming of age is still a time to prove unitys self. A&P is about a nineteen-year-old boy that works at a local grocery caudex. The main character, Sammy, stands up against his manager in an attempt to defend and hopefully impress the girls he was attracted to, who were not by rights dressed. Greasy Lake on the different hand is told from the narrators arrest of view, about several nineteen years old boys who play a prank on a grim character and experience what bad characters are capable of doing. For the narrator and Sammy they realize their lack of infantility after their conflicts with other people in the stories. In Sammys case, enraged that Lengel has humiliated the girls, he quits his art trying to defend and impress the girls. The girls just edit Sammy and leave the store after all of the arguing had died down. Sammy is then left hand by himself, without a job and without the girls.When he looks back at the store from outside, his stomach kind of fell as he felt how hard the manhood was going to be to him hereafter. Obviously, he is feeling a sense of sorrow when Sammy mentions the hardship in his life after he quits his job at the grocery store. The narrator in Greasy Lake also learns a lesson for the story. He learns that ones appearance does not represent ones true self. Three of the dangerous characters, including the narrator and his friends, drive out to scum-and refuse-clotted Greasy Lake in search for action.

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