Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Are Asains Becoming White Essay

1) Asiatic Americans deport been stereotyped under the image of be a object lesson minority from the mid-1960s to our present day (Macionis 2010278). macrocosm a model minority sum overcoming extreme hardships and discrimination to achieve success (Macionis 2010278). Success economically, socially, and educationallywithout resorting to encounter with Whites (Schaefer 2009 252). Asian Americans have done this and the public has attri justed their winning wealth and keep an eye on in American society to hard work, family solidarity, discipline, delayed gratification, non-confrontation, and eschewing welf atomic number 18 (Macionis 2010278). Being labeled a model minority might appear to fuck off only prestige but in fact it brings consequences as well. ace such consequence is that being a model-minority holds Asian Americans to higher standards (Macionis 2010279). Situations that snow-coveredthorn be trustworthy for some argonnt accepted from them. They are judged by standards antithetic from average Americans (Macionis 2010279). Also because of the expectations placed upon them they are channeled to specific avenues of success, such as science and engineering (Macionis 2010279). This leads up to some oppositewise consequence of parents oft discouraging their children from entering fields they regard as unlikely to press financial security, such as the arts (Schaefer 2009252). A child may have a gift as an astounding writer, yet the parents allow shut up discourage it due to worries about job outlook and income in the future (Macionis 2010279). Another consequence the label causes is that it reinforces the myth that the United States is destitute of racism and accords equal opportunity to all (Macionis 2010279). This implies that those minorities that do not observe are somehow responsible for their failurethis attitude is yet another instance of blaming the victims (Schaefer 2009252). Although, not all bad, an advantage of the ste reotype is that Asian Americans are much likely to attain a high-paying job. It is harsh to see Asian Americans are concentrated near the top in professional and managerial positions(Schaefer 2009251). Simply due to what they are kn bear for Asian Americans are allowed much than opportunity and they prove themselves over and over again with the highest median folk income of all racial groups, and the lowest poverty rate of all racial groups (Macionis 2010278). 2) Min Zhou asks the question, Are Asian Americans becoming exsanguine? eldest off, what does it mean to be White? White is an arbitrary label having more to do with privilege than biology (Macionis 2010276). Being white means antithetic things to different pack.To some becoming white can mean distancing oneself from people of color or disowning ones ethnicity (Macionis 2010276). To others becoming white is something to strive for because it means attaining a privileged status (Macionis 2010280). The close common view accepted by Asian Americans is that white is mainstream, average, and normal, and they look to whites as a frame of reference for attaining higher social positions (Macionis 2010279). Asian Americans are becoming white as I see it.They are gaining prestige, they running(a) hard and they strive for something greater. Especially since being white is commonly associated with being an American (Macionis 2010280). Asian immigrants tend to believe in the American stargaze and measure their achievements materially (Macionis 2010279). They share common interests with most Americans such as, to own a home, to be my own boss, and to send my children to the Ivy League (Macionis 2010279), as one Chinese immigrant stated.Of course, being an American is more than just these items, but it is a generalized American mentality that shows common ground. If Asian Americans shoot to marry a partner of a different racial background, 87 percent of those marry whites (Macionis 2010280). There ar e thoughts that some Asian Americans hold, such as, You can certainly be as good as or even better than whites, but you will never become accepted as white (Macionis 2010280). I believe this to be incorrect.According to a new Purdue University study, more than 94 percent would say that having United States citizenship makes person truly American. http//phys. org/news64938913. html 3) If we were to relate being white to being American, most Asian Americans are already there. With the mentality, dedication and perseverance that Asian Americans display, I would say, Yes, Asian Americans are becoming white. 3) The Jews and Asian Americans had two different experiences that could be seen to relate in certain aspects de ill will the large difference in events.The Jews were intelligent and successful though looked down upon in the United States and they were seen as members of an inferior race (Macionis 2010 266). It wasnt until aft(prenominal) World War II those things drastically ch anged. Before the state of war, most Jews, like most other Americans, were working figure. Already upwardly mobile before the war relative to other immigrants, Jews floated high on this salary increase economic tide, and most of them entered the middle class (Macionis 2010272). Like Asian Americans, Jews were always ahead of the other races.They were given tricky roads to face and large obstacles to climb, yet they achieved success, following the definition of the model minority. Similarly they struggled with the dilemma of being considered white. Before the war, Columbia University took steps to strike the number of entering Jews by a set of practices(Macionis 2010269). It wasnt until the war that there were changes set in motion during the war against fascism that led to a more inclusive version of whiteness (Macionis 2010270). Though the struggle was different, it was still there for both groups.The Jews compared to Asian Americans benefited most from government programs that spurred upward mobility because after the war the government was in need of a rise in the economy and they created great programs to assist in that matter (Macionis 2010270). The Jews and other white ethnics upward mobility was the result of programs that allowed us to float on a rising economic tide (Macionis 2010273). Asian Americans on the other hand, upward mobility wasnt based off of programs as much, as their heritage and culture.Instead, In spite of these obstacles, Asian Americans students soldier on with strong support from their parents (Schaefer 2009252). As for comparability with African Americans and Asian Americans they are in two completely different categories. Both are minority groups, though they are on icy sides of the court. Asian Americans have higher income rates than Whites, African Americans on the other hand, have their household income of Blacks is still 60 percent that of Whites, and the unemployment rate among Blacks is more than twice that of Whi tes (Schaefer 2009250). Still to this day Blacks remain significantly underrepresented, despite Senator Barack Obama(Schaefer 2009520). Asian Americans are well represented due to being the model minority. Asian Americans are a very diverse group of people. Their diverse origins acknowledge drastic differences in languages and dialects, religions, cuisines, and customs (Macionis 2010278). Because of this all of these differences create obstacles to fostering a cohesive pan-Asian solidarity (Macionis 2010278).

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