Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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What does famine mean? It is a situation in which people do non have seemly food, jibe to Websters New World Dictionary. The great stump spud famine, however, was cold more than just a lack of food. Its effects were felt rough the world due to environmental conditions, agriculture practices and economic and semipolitical factors (Japikse, 1994). famine still exists in todays society, as does the potato harry from the largest crop manufacturers to the small family gardens in Wisconsin, but nothing comes close to the happening experienced by the Irish. It was the injustices that caused the famine, Gorta Mor, The Great Hunger of 1845-52, as called by the Irish (Daly, 1996). The potato famine of 1846 was one of the biggest natural disasters in Irish history. The fickle disease said William Fry, Ph.D., caused by Phytophtera infestans, is a condition that stays growth and destroys the lay out by disease. P. infestans is a fungus-like pathogen that infects and destro ys the leaves, stems, potato seed and the potato itself, turning it lightlessness and slimy (Craig, 1998). The first signs of blight are when leaves get brown specks on them that start to get white, hairy growth around them (Damsker, n.d.). In addition, leaves and stems sere very quickly. This if followed by a terrible smell. It spreads as a spore and grows speedily in moist, warm and humid conditions. Today, the blight disease still affects potato crops. However, an application of the plant fungicide, metalaxyl, or copper sulfate mixtures and pesticide will prevent and eliminate or, at least, decrease the possibility of its carriage (Daly, 1996). In fact, according to Gibbons article in 2013, the pathogen and its host of dried leaves ar... ...Irish and British people had bitter feelings towards one another. Many Irish were angry the position government did next to nothing to prevent the famine. Then when it happened the government turn their heads. The anger caused a rebellion in 1848 by a collection called the Young Ireland party, saying Ireland wanted its own government (Results of the Great Famine, 2014). In conclusion, famine is still a part of the world today, but Gorta Mor of this level of devastation does not occur anymore. The same issues of environment, agriculture practices, economic and political factors are still part of famine today along with the appearance of the potato blight, too. Truth be told, the difference between then and now, however, is that engineering is the medium to deliver images and descriptions faster and quicker so as to not let such devastation be experienced.

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