Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Mexican War as an Exercise in American Imperialism Essay -- Papers

The Mexican War as an Exercise in the Statesn Imperialism The US political sympathies believed firmly in the doctrine of Manifest destiny, the g all overnment argued that they had the right and duty to pad through uniting American beca subprogram it was demand and inevitable. During the 19th century Mexico dominated a large amount of North America which was inhabited by American settlers and the American government aimed to expand the USA from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and were ready to get hold of this by any means. The American government saw the lands of Texas and California as grand prizes with the opportunity of lush agricultural prospect and the possibility of a gateway to the Pacific Ocean. The lands though belonged to the nation of Mexico, which jutn by the Americans was a converse nation and did not deserve to have the lands. President James Polk intend to use full extent of his power to expand America and he devoted his time during his reign as President in negotiations with Mexico over the lands of California. stock-still Mexico refused to give away the land and yet it had such a weak economy and could use the money that President Polk was offering them to rebuild the economy and develop the nation. But the Mexican government still did not intend to sell the land because it would not be popular with the stack if the nation shrink half in size and also because of the disceptation that was associated with Americans and Mexicans. So President Polk was left with no choice but to upraise the Mexicans to struggle, General Zachary Taylor was sent to a disputed region between Mexico and US with 4000 troops. Polk was anxious to start war but did not intend ... ...the Mexicans had accessed his farming and in order to defend his nation he needed to attack Mexico. and then it can be said that America did not pluck Mexico into war but Mexico forced America to war and thus Americ a reacted to the Mexican aggression by taking the lands of California and Texas justly. Although it is easy to see that America did in some way force Mexico into a war the Mexicans did attack first and the Americans had the right to wage a war upon Mexico. Thus concluding the statement it can be said America did use the Mexican war to show off their military power and insurance policy of Manifest Destiny and thus was an exercise in American imperialism. Yet it was the Mexicans who attacked first and who forced America to fight back thus the Mexican war was not an exercise in American imperialism but in American defence.

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