Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Government Secrecy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Government Secrecy - Research Paper Example In order to gain public support the government of the state must aim at rendering proper information to the people about its future policies and activities. The current world is threatened by undue acts of terrorism, which is shaking the crux of the nation like America. To this end, the government seeks to arrive at a balance to restore secret information from being spilled out to the hands of the public to prevent the event of a holocaust. Thus the government of America must make changes in its public policies to address the dual cause of both safeguarding and publishing security information. (Combest, n.d.). In the light of increased terrorist activities the concept of ‘National Security’ in America has earned much importance. The practice of ‘National Security’ in any country must be observed as a collective effort of both the American people and the government of the country. The people’s support in regards to the government’s security measures to safeguard the country of potential security threats demands sacrifice of the right of get information. Thus, the government’s act of maintaining secret information must be appreciated to protect the country of potential security threats which otherwise would amount to loss of lives and property. The large amount of information acquired by the government of United States held as secret information is obtained through the expertise of some highly skilled persons. The skilled individuals through skilled sets and scientific techniques gather the large amount of secret information. Thus it becomes ob ligatory for the government of United States to protect the lives of the individuals associated with the purpose with also the methods and instruments used such activity. Again, it needs to be observed that the publication of huge amount of security information by the government of United States would render huge thrust on the expenditure of

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