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The Things They Carried Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Things They Carried - Research Paper Example Certain techniques are used by those at war in order to ensure their survival and victory. Such techniques are known as warfare. Warfare can be categorized into; warfare by objective, doctrine and terrain. War was initially one of the biggest problems facing mankind long ago, and still is. War is an act of resolving conflict by forcing the enemy to do according to the victors’ will (Simons, 23). Different forms of war require different methods of warfare. Types of warfare include; conventional warfare, which is attempting to limit an enemy’s military capability while in battle. Such is used when war is declared between states, and the use of nuclear, biological or chemical weaponry is not allowed. Unconventional warfare is whereby an opponent attempts to acquire triumph through admission of defeat or consent hold up for a side of the conflict. Nuclear warfare is the utilization of nuclear weapons in order to force the other opponents to surrender. Asymmetric warfare is whereby guerrilla tactics are used in order to defeat the enemy. These are mostly used in case where an opponent has an advantage with advanced technology in terms of weapons. Chemical warfare is whereby chemicals are used to coerce the opposition to surrender. Chemical warfare was used during WW1 (The First World War), in which there were so many casualties and numerous injured. Before soldiers go to war, they train in order to be fit and so that they can have an added advantage when in the battlefield. Certain items should be carried that should be used in the war. Items carried are influenced by the time, geographic location, climate and terrain of where the war is to take place. â€Å"The things they carried† which was written by a former soldier, Tim O’Brien, whose personal experiences in war led him to write a book about it. The soldiers in his book participated in the Vietnam War. The war lasted a time period from September 26th 1959 to April 30, 1975. Numerous things were carried by the soldiers, and many of them show the burdens that each soldier was carrying. First ‘Lieutenant Jimmy Cross’ takes letters to Martha, from Mount Sebastian College and reads them daily. Even though he is in love with her, the feeling is not mutual with her. Most individuals carry photographs, and Jimmy Cross takes two of Martha, and in one, she's playing volleyball (O'Brien, 8). What the men carry are things that they require and in this case make sense which include mosquito repellents and marijuana, certificates, pocket knives, candy, the occasional chewing gum openers, heat tabs, watches, dog tags, cigarettes, sewing kits, tablets of salt, lighter, matches, Kool-Aid and water. Things they carry depend on several factors, which included their own beliefs, traditions and priorities. Taking a look at the Henry Dobbins, the machine gunner, who is considerably large, carries extra rations considering his body size. His superstitious nature causes h im to put his mutual friend’s pantyhose around his neck. Ted Lavender, a nervous individual carries marijuana and tranquilizers which he uses to calm himself down, and then there is Kiowa, who is religious and carries an illustrated book of the New Testament that his father gave him (O'Brien, 12). Other things the men carry can be termed as universal for any form of war, which include a medical supply of compressed cotton and other medical supplies that could have given the function of a tent, groundsheet or a raincoat. They carry weapons which include the M-60, the standard

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